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Company Profile

Company Profile

We, Iran Credit Scoring (ICS) Company, are a private joint stock company established in 2006, by all Iranian banks (private and public banks) and other financial institutions such as leasing and insurance companies, operating in the Islamic Republic of Iran within the context of the current banking act and regulations issued by Iran Ministry of economic Affairs and Finance and Central Bank of Iran providing credit information services to our clients in Iranian market.

Enjoying know-how and background of experienced and strategic partner agency, ICS takes advantage of its well-known partner, local expertise and network-based approach to best serve members by assigning credit scores and reports that suitably identify credit risk.

We support clients across many different markets, including banks and financial institutions, leasing companies, insurance companies, funds, financial services, retail, and more. Integrating our foundations in risk and analytics with the strategic partnership of Creditinfo Company, We help clients to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and optimize decision-making.

ICS’s membership network has more than 110 members nationally, assigning credit scoring and reporting in more than 20000 branches around Iran to all Iranian individuals and companies.

We also help individual and legal entities to check their credit report and credit score. In 2018, we named in Doing Business report as the main player in improving Iran’s getting credit indicator in Doing Business report.

We have skilled employees and our corporate headquarters are in Tehran, Iran.
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