Sunday 5/13/2018
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Monday 7/16/2018

  • The only national credit bureau in Iran
  • Complete legal framework for the operation of the company
  • Working under supervisory of central bank of Iran
  • Good ownership structure including all banks and some insurance and leasing companies
  • High level of human capital and their skillfulness
  • Complete database on credit history in Iranian credit obligations
  • Different credit report and scores for each person
  • Good distribution channel around Iran in getting access to the system
  • Skilled and well-known with updated know-how in credit reporting
  • Strategic partnership with one of the famous credit bureau system providers of the world
  • Skilled and Full dedicated to providing different credit risk solutions for their clients
  • Getting access to informative reports with unbelievably seasonable cost in comparison to in-house preparation
  • The only national credit bureau in Iran listed in IFC website


86084728 - 86084662 - 86082841

5th Floor - No 2 - 1st Alley -Gandi Street