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If you find incorrect information in your credit report you can ask the operator to inform ICS about the error and have them to correct it or inform ICS directly and proceed the issue.

The credit report can be accessed directly by the person or others with his/her consent.

You can access to your credit report or score via members access points like bank branches and through the company’s website:

Iran Credit Scoring is the only credit bureau / reporting agency in Iran.

The information stored in the credit files consist of some major components: (1) personal information including current and past addresses, phone numbers, employers, and date of birth and so on; (2) credit information and payment history for all consumer credit accounts like auto financing, installment loans, cards, and home mortgages; (3) public information on bankruptcy filings, tax liens, foreclosures, bad checks, etc.; and so on.  

A credit reporting agency is a clearinghouse for consumer credit history information. It is not a government entity. Credit and information providers give the credit reporting agency information on how their customers pay their obligations. The credit reporting agency assembles the information along with public information into a customer-specific file. The credit and information providers can access credit reports and receive information about consumers directly or by members.

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